causes of pain

Causes of Pain: How New Use, Misuse, Overuse, Disuse, and Abuse Affect Our Bodies Causes of Pain: Understanding Pain: What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you experience pain? Often, it’s the perception that there is some damage in your body, but is this always true? The surprising answer is no. In […]

Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Exercises and Movement Shoulder care needs a careful and considered process to get you back to 100%. Failure use the right thing at the right time can lead to the frustration of boom and bust training and the reoccurrence of your pain. At Pain and Performance in Glasgow I have personally tried most of […]

Back Pain and Sciatica

Back Pain and Sciatica Back Pain and Sciatica Back pain and Sciatica is what I treat more of than anything else at my Glasgow clinic. I spend much of my time assessing back pain and treating it, due to its high incidence. Although back pain and sciatica are common, it doesn’t mean it’s normal for […]