Shoulder Exercises and Movement

Shoulder care needs a careful and considered process to get you back to 100%. Failure use the right thing at the right time can lead to the frustration of boom and bust training and the reoccurrence of your pain.

At Pain and Performance in Glasgow I have personally tried most of these methods when I rehabilitated my shoulder after fracturing one of the bones. This personal experience made me realise that we do need alternate ways to achieve the same thing. That while some shoulder exercise will be excruciating for some others will do them pain free. You need to have the variety of methods that are correct for you. I can help with this.

The process involves 4 parts and while some of these parts will overlap, I’ll never overload you with exercises.

Treating Pain and Restoring Movement

These are exercise I use to restore moment after a frozen shoulder, fractures or broken bones around the shoulder joint and just sometimes when the shoulder is stiff, painful or sensitive to movement

Restoring Strength

After periods of immobility it can be too easy to start exercising your shoulder and trigger a reoccurrence of your pain and stiffness. These are a selection of exercises I may use if they are appropriate for you.

Keeping Movement

These area just some nice exercises to keep the shoulders flexible and to try and avoid stiffness and pain that modern sedentary lifestyles can bring

Building Strength

Once we have the initial processes of restoring your movement and the fundamentals of shoulder strength covered, we can look at developing further strength for life