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Working in Glasgow as a movement specialist with advanced osteopathic style treatment techniques for nearly 20 years, successfully helping people in the city centre with pain and discomfort. Getting you moving and helping you get on with your life.

My patients cover all activity and ability levels, from people with disabilities through to office workers  and professional athletes.

I consistently aim to treat my patients using the lowest number of sessions possible.  My job is to listen to you and assess your health-care needs accurately, then with your input, formulate a plan of action to help you achieve your health goals, whatever they may be.

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Please Note

I am now focusing on all the treatments I do and give rather than just being called an osteopath.

I qualified as an osteopath over 20 years ago with a BSc (ost) Hons and have practiced as a registered osteopath for 20 years. At present I am not on the GOsC register of osteopaths so legally I can’t call or describe myself as an osteopath.

At present there are no osteopaths working or treating here. Any information contained on this site that mentions me as an osteopath is a historic artifact and should be viewed as such.  It should not be taken or viewed that I am claiming to be an osteopath either explicitly or that I’m implying that I am.

Expect to see some great changes happening