Daniel Gerber

Daniel Gerber Sports Massage in Glassgow

Hi, I’m Daniel Gerber. I’m what’s known as a clinical sports massage therapist who now treats on the south side of Glasgow/East Renfrewshire using what I consider to be the best aspects of my osteopathic education, together with professional development with physiotherapist and sports therapy, giving a treatment approach that is unique to me, and gives you the best treatment.

I don’t really like soft or superficial treatments prefering to try and get to find the source of the problem and get into it. Having had back pain and sciatica before, as well as shoulder and neck problems I don’t like treatments that seem to drag on and on, on myself. If I don’t like it on me, then why inflict long treatment spans on you and keep you from getting back to your life?

My history after qualifying as an osteopath included working as an osteopath in London and Leeds to gain more experience at a number of clinics before moving to Glasgow, Scotland. I removed myself from the General osteopathic council register in 2019 and no longer call myself an osteopath.

I’ve recently found myself moving away from osteopathy, and bringing more movement, with exercise and rehabilitation that is appropriate to you in to treatment. Treatments involve using the best that osteopathy has to give with the addition of some of the best that physiotherapy, and other approaches to health have to offer. Giving you one of the best approaches to getting you pain free, moving well and back to your best. I take a huge amount of satisfaction from the work I do and enjoy treating a wide range of people.

Over the years I have successfully treated people of all ages – from weeks old, to patients in their 90’s. These have been people of all activity levels from people in wheel chairs to professional athletes.

It has always been my aim to treat patients using the lowest number of treatments possible. My job is to listen to you and assess your health-care needs accurately. With your input I’ll then formulate a plan of action to help you achieve your health goals, whatever they may be.

By working together, we can ensure the treatments are as effective as possible and that’s the reason why so many of my patients are happy to recommend me to their family and friends.

I always minimize the use of Osteopathic “clicking” techniques. In fact, in most cases I find they’re not needed at all, and by using gentle joint movements and a series of soft-tissue techniques to work through the muscles. Rehabilitation and strengthening exercises that fit in with your life are often given to help further condition you. Using these methods I find I can help to return people to a full active life. I have found these methods be as successful on older patients as they are with the athletes I treat.