Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Want your back pain better quickly? Who doesn’t? After your massage, exercises for back pain relief are the best way to keep the progress.

The simple way to start to reduce your back pain is to encourage movement and also to get it stronger. 

Appropriate movement decreases inflammation, reduces guarding and spasm and maintains what strength you have in the area, stopping this becoming your “weak point”.

Exercise strengthens the area, so if it is weaker or a focus for back pain incidents, is can become less neurologically frightened. 

Recommendation s for this approach

Exercise and simple movements together with treatment are vital in getting back pain away. My method has been honed and developed over my 20 years in practice. They are so vital that the UKs National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) advises elements of my approach.

What I specialise in, is getting you pain away quickly. I advise a few exercises for my patients that are chosen to work specifically for you to amplify any treatments I do.

My method of getting you better and keeping you better is 3 phase approach. It starts with provoking simple movement, then helping you use the correct stretches to desensitize your nervous system before finally guiding you towards a bullet proof back with a tailored rehab plan containing movement and exercises that are appropriate for each stage of your improvement.