Back Pain Assessments

When your back is in pain you obviously wanted it assessed. The assessments can also be useful even If you’re not in pain

Back Assessments

The back assessments, are for you if presently have back pain or discomfort, or even if you don’t and are want to improve your back health. It’s useful to have someone look at you, your back and factors that may affect you now and in the future

Back Pain Assessment

A back assessment is performed as part of nearly every new Back pain and sciatica patient appointment that I do. The back assessment includes

Touching the muscles using carefully practiced sense of touch called, Palpation (face to face appointments only). I note how you and your muscles feel. Do they feel tight or inflamed. Do you twitch or draw away because the area is possibly sensitive or feeling painful. I’m also looking at your skin temperature and texture
Look at how you stand; what your standing posture looks like. I’m looking to assess any curves or bends in your spine to try and work out if they’re related to your current problem and if anything needs to be done.
Looking at anatomical levels ie, Is one shoulder higher than the other or how does your pelvis sit.
I also look at how you move and where you appear to be stiff, or where and which movements cause pain.

Advanced Back Assessment, Advice & Report

The advanced back assessment, advice and report is a standalone service that can be done in the treatment room or online. It’s a versatile report that can be used to provide you with an individualised home pathway to treat, manage and improve you back health. Alternatively it can be used in hybrid home and clinic way. With treatment here, in my Glasgow back pain Clinic, as and when needed with the clear signposted home maintenance aspect of the report for you to work at when you need it.

It includes;

All of the back pain assessment points
A reason for your problem
The cause of your problem as can be worked out
Predisposing and maintaining factors
The Good, the bad and ugly of your back.
Appropriate movements, stretches and exercises and how and when to progress them.
This is all contained in downloadable PDF file for you to refer to and use as an when you need.