5 Rules of Rocktaping

How to apply Kinesiotape Correctly

What you need to do before applying Rocktape

In an earlier post I described Rocktape as both duct tape like, and as adhesive tape that we sometimes put on your skin. Just like any other kinesiology tapes there area a few rules to follow to help it stick and last longer.

So here’s a quick list to help you with successful kinesiology taping.

My Rules for successful Kinesiology taping are:

  1. Make sure the area is clean: naturally occurring grease and oils in the skin can stop Rocktape sticking
  2. No lotions or creams: Just as naturally occurring oils can stop adhesion, so can moisturisers, sunblocks and midge repellents. Tip apply after tape, but try and keep off, as some may dissolve adhesive
  3. Dry area for application: leave applying for a few minutes if just out of the shower or bath, just to allow the area to dry properly. Sweat can also stop kinesiotapes from sticking. Both of these can cause a problem if out running and you want to apply. Sometimes it feels like it’s either wet from sweat, or the rain, sometimes both (been there done it!). Tip see if you can find a wall/tree/hedge to give you just a little lee to protect from elements.
  4. Clipper Hair in the Area: You don’t have to shave the area, but when you have to peel the rocktape off it doesn’t hurt as much (you can thank me later for that!) I don’t like the area shaved smooth as hair could be described as part of a sensory organ, so it may help the tape work better. Stubble is a good compromise. Having less hair in the area helps it stick better.
  5. Can you do it: Make sure everything you need is easily reachable before you start applying. All the pieces of tape, scissors if you haven’t pre-cut (although I still sometimes find I need to shorten it mid application) and instructions if you’re not sure what you’re doing.


This sounds very arduous, but in reality it’s quite easy to do. If you need to be taped for an event or taping forms part of your treatment, I will try to make sure that you can apply to yourself before you leave if that is achievable.

Kinesiology Taping and Running

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Kinesiology Taping and Running

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