Osteopathy for Pain Relief

Osteopathy for Pain Relief

Treatment for pain

Pain relief is one of the main reasons people come to see me for treatment which will often include osteopathic techniques. Osteopathic techniques can help in the treatment of people of all ages who suffer from pain. Tackling complaints ranging from sports and work-related injuries to arthritis and sciatica. The my role is to help alleviate pain and improve your mobility in order to make life more comfortable.

What is pain?

Pain is your bodies way of telling you that something is perceived to be wrong. It can often caused by swelling of tissue, which creates pressure on nerves and leads to discomfort. Pain is a useful mechanism to alert you to a problem, and stops you from damaging your body further.

It should always be taken seriously.

Pain can affect many areas of the body, but particularly the lower back, head, neck, joints and legs. It can result from injuries and arthritis, and can also manifest itself in the form of rheumatic pain and period pain.

I can diagnose the causes of pain and help to ease it by increasing movement, decreasing muscle spasm and reducing tissue inflammation.

Treatment methods range from massage and soft tissue techniques to muscles and connective tissues to manipulation and stretching of joints. This helps to reduce muscle spasm, increase mobility and to create a healthier state in which damaged tissues can heal.

The skilled techniques that I apply can often allow you a speedy return to normal activity. If you have had a pain for a long time, and other forms of treatment have not helped, then the range of assessments, treatments and rehab options could be beneficial in helping find the cause of your problem and treating it


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  1. Cool. Thanks for typing this. Its always great to see someone educate the public.

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